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Vividitaly specializes in "typical" locations such as restaurants, castles, churches, boats, mountain lodges... unusual and picturesque places characteristic of the Italian countryside and seaside. But we can very easily find a classic location if you like a more traditional setting for tour special day.

Remember that by law in Italy civil weddings must be performed in a Town Hall (with very few exceptions), most of them are located in historical buildings, such as ancient palaces, villas and manors and offer a lovely setting for a wedding. The ceremony lasts about 30 minutes and is conducted in Italian by the Civil Registrar, for this reason an interpreter will be provided during the ceremony.

The ceremony can be personalized with music, personal vows and readings. The certificate you are given is multi-lingual and valid internationally and can be issued in several different copies, all that you must do is register it in your home country.

Inside the town hall there is a table in the centre where the Mayor and his secretary are waiting and 4 chairs the other side for the bridal couple and their witnesses. The bride sits to the left of the groom, her witness (or matron of honour) on her other side and the groom's witness (or best man) to his right.

After everyone says their congratulations and a few photos are taken, everyone leaves the church/town hall and waits outside for the wedding couple who come out last. A close friend or relation hands out "rice bags" to all the guests so when the bride and groom come outside everyone throws rice over them. The rice can only be thrown outside not inside.

It is traditional to give "Bomboniere" - or "Favors" to all guests at the reception. Bomboniere are 5 sugared almonds (to symbolize - Health, Wealth, Fertility, Happiness & Long Life) these are beautifully wrapped. If you want to give special guests (such as bride & groom's parents & witnesses) a present this can be wrapped with the bomboniere attached. Favors are usually given instead of a traditional 'Thank you' letter.

Just a Few Suggestions

First of all, let us give you some information about how Vividitaly works: we do not have "preferred" locations or places we use all the time... we do not get commissions from any place and do not have "cousins" or friends to take you to ;-)

We collect informations about new places as we travel around or via fairs and events related to the hospitality in this region or sometime need to discover a specific location for our customers. We listen to what you want and search the best options for your wishes!

To start with, after you give as some hints of what you like, we will give you some options to be considered; they will be different in price and location, but not in "spirit"...Once the venue has been selected we secure individual combinations of florists, chefs, designers, photographers and other service providers and suppliers.

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