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Do you prefer a "rustic" and unexplored location? Or do you want to offer your guests a gourmet experience? A more intimate celebration, placing more emphasis on the spiritual side of the event? Or a large event to party with all your friends and family?

Tell us what you want to celebrate, how many people you would like to invite and what your planned budget is. Then let us give you some ideas and we will work together to arrange the perfect event. Just remember: it’s your party!

Vividitaly will only help you finding the perfect way to make it happen!

We do not offer any packages weddings; every wedding is a completely unique solution. The fee for our services is a percentage of the value of what we organize. We offer 3 types of services: Basic, Standard and Premium: in all cases, the price will include all our time, all of our travel within the province and attendance on the day, also helping you to arrange any other events surrounding your wedding, for example rehearsal dinner or wine tasting evening. Any travel outside Bologna's province will be charged at cost, as is any accommodation and expenses while on location.

The fee is the entire amount we receive as we do not accept commissions from suppliers and we try and keep all service providers contracts directly between you and them, thus enabling you to see where your money is going.

Any third party invoices will be passed directly on to you, so you can be sure that we do not put any mark ups on any of the goods or services. In fact, we often obtain discount on large numbers of guests and this will be totally at your benefit.

Basic Service

Our BASIC service includes finding the best venue for your needs, helping you choosing the menu, cake and settings; our coordinator will be present during the event. The fee will be 16% of the total costs (minimum spending is Euro 1000).

Standard Service

Our STANDARD service also includes finding the couple accommodation and transportation to the party venue for all guests; we will organize also lunches in local restaurants during your staying. The fee will be 12% of the total costs.

Premium Service

In our PREMIUM service Vividitaly will also take care of fun frills and decorations at the venue, a florist, hair and beauty, photographer and/or video shooting and music during the event. The fee will be 8% of the total supported costs.


We can also take care of finding guest’s accommodations, we can help you choosing the prefect wedding/party dress, suggest locations for your honey moon or find some original thank you gifts for your guests and put you in touch with a wedding website designer...Those extras or other special ideas and relative costs will be discussed upon request. Just remember: it's your party, we only help you finding the perfect solution!


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